lots More FAQ

lots More FAQ

How long after a jackpot or big payout will a slot machine take to make another big payout?

The results of each spin are randomly generated by a computer program and therefore, a jackpot or big payout can come up at any time, even right after another big payout. The casino may determine the amount they will pay out over time, meaning they may determine that a certain percentage of total wagers will be paid out, but the frequency that the payouts come is completely random.

Do I have to play the maximum number of coins on a progressive machine to be eligible to win the jackpot?

You usually do have to bet the maximum number of coins. Check with the specific casino on their rules if you have any doubts, but in general, you will have to play the maximum number of coins in order to win the jackpot.

Do slots have the worst odds out of any casino game?

Actually, making bad bets at other games considered to have better odds like blackjack and craps will give much worse odds than slots.

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